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MTU Onsite Energy is one of the world’s leading providers of diesel engine systems, gas engine systems and gas turbine systems.

These systems have proven their value in millions of hours of operation. At MTU, value is measured in more than price. Reliability, longevity, durability and quality are all part of the value equation and MTU is the solution.

The choice of an MTU Onsite Energy system is the choice of excellence, and the care of it should reflect that same high standard. MTU_ValueCare is a robust solutions package designed to optimize the value of its customers’ investments. It reflects the premium quality and dedication to customer service that customers can expect from MTU and its authorized distributors.

There are two main product lines:

  • MTU_ValueSpares — genuine spare parts and top quality consumables.
  • MTU_ValueService — extensive service solutions from the global MTU service network including: Technical Documentation, Training, Facility Planning and other value-added services.

MTU_ValueCare offers an unparalleled portfolio of value-enhancing service and product offerings – individually tailored to customers’ specifications, no matter what the requirements are.