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MTU_ValueService Technical Documentation is designed to define and authenticate the full value of a product with complete and clear documentation for a wide range of equipment.

Whether standard or customized, MTU_ValueService Technical Documentation provides comprehensive information on engine and system operation, maintenance and performance. The service includes complete instructions for every product.

Product-specific forms

Technical documents from MTU are not generic, one-size-fits-all forms. Each one is tailored to the product’s unique and specific features. For example, maintenance is modified to reflect anticipated load profiles and duty cycles of the components covered by a document. In addition to service intervals, maintenance sections also cover fluid and lubricant specifications as well as provide workshop manuals.

MTU_ValueService Technical Documentation offers tremendous value through:

  • The use of appropriate fluids and lubricants, which improves drive system operational reliability and functionality
  • Compliance with safety requirements during maintenance and operation
  • Preventive maintenance performed according to schedule to reduce equipment downtime

Further information

Contact your local MTU distributor for a full list of document titles, subjects covered and pricing details. Information is also available on DVD, CD and in print.