For maximum performance and longevity.

MTU Onsite Energy diesel engine systems are engineered with the highest standards in the industry. ValueSpares consumables are built with the same commitment to quality to work in perfect harmony with your equipment. An essential part of your preventive maintenance program, ValueSpares filters, oils and coolants are available – from a single source – to maximize engine and system performance, protect your investment and prolong its life.

Only MTU Onsite Energy can guarantee consumables that are tested and approved specifically for your equipment. Other consumables that have not been tested can cause significant damage during an MTU Onsite Energy system lifecycle. ValueSpares consumables must pass rigorous testing to qualify for use in MTU Onsite Energy diesel engine systems. Superior design and top-quality materials result in maximum power, longevity and low total cost of operation. As a result, ValueSpares consumables enhance your peace of mind, increase uptime and lower maintenance costs. For added convenience, they are available worldwide through our MTU Onsite Energy service network.

We offer a full line of filters formulated for specific MTU engines, to ensure reliable, long-life engine performance. Our product line includes engine oil, coolant, air, pre-fuel and fuel filters. ValueSpares filters are robust and resilient—built to remove contaminants before they reach critical areas of the engine and cause premature wear and reduce component life. Filter media are engineered to resist premature plugging while providing reliable filtration at the specified particle size. They’re designed to resist collapse, even under severe duty. The unique features of ValueSpares filters provide reliable performance throughout the service interval.

Engine oils play a vital role in protecting your investment in MTU engines and systems. As a result of intensive research, MTU’s full line of oils is formulated specifically for MTU engines. ValueSpares oils are designed to maximize performance by protecting your engine from harmful wear, corrosion and particles. The engine oils provide outstanding piston cleanliness, even under high thermal loading, which ensures maximum engine efficiency and reduced maintenance. They also feature exceptional oil consumption control and thermal stability, maintaining specified viscosity and reducing shear in severe applications.

As a result of intensive research, ValueSpares coolants are specially designed to protect MTU engines and systems. In cold environments, they offer a low freezing point, protecting engines from damage. They also elevate the boiling point during hot conditions and severe duty. ValueSpares coolants protect the cooling system from all kinds of corrosion. Coolant produces a durable protective layer that insulates cylinder liners and water pumps from cavitation (pitting) damage. With exceptional thermal transfer characteristics, ValueSpares coolants feature high temperature stability, which prevents overheating. For further protection, the coolants inhibit the formation of corrosion, which leads to leaks and other costly parts damage.