Monitor activity.
From wherever you want.

Identifying faults as early as possible saves valuable service time and helps you make quick decisions regarding operational issues. Remote Diagnostics is a powerful diagnostic solution that links you directly to a record of your gas engine system’s activity through a secure Internet connection, helping improve your system’s performance and your profit margin through reduced downtime. Remote Diagnostics incorporates a telemetric device that stores and transmits selected information in near real-time or at predetermined intervals. Important data such as oil temperature and operating hours can be conveniently retrieved for analysis—even from thousands of miles away. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. Through early fault identification, you can act quickly to prevent damage, save on service and repairs, identify spares needed and increase system efficiency. And with e-call, you can set up automatic email and SMS alerts. If needed, our standby service is available to provide extra assistance by connecting through a remote system.