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Diesel Generator Sets

MTU Onsite Energy diesel generator sets provide reliable solutions for your power generation needs. Featuring low fuel consumption, long service intervals and low emissions backed by more than 60 years of experience, our generator sets are designed to perform. 

50 Hz Generator Set Power (kVA)

60 Hz Generator Set Power (kWe*)

Customers around the world trust us to provide reliable power for a wide range of applications, like  healthcare,  data centers,  airports,  manufacturing plants and independent  power stations. Our product portfolio covers diesel generator sets up to 3250 kWe.

Our Products

MTU 1600 DS

50 Hz: 280 - 730 kVA
60 Hz: 210 - 600 kWe

MTU 1600 DS generator sets bring MTU Onsite Energy power, technology and reliability to the power range from 210 to 600 kWe (280 to 730 kVA). 

MTU 4000 DS

50 Hz: 1550 - 3250 kVA
60 Hz: 1125 - 3250 kWe

MTU 4000 DS generator sets perform at the highest level and cover the power range from 1125 to 3250 kWe (1550 to 3250 kVA). With a robust design and optimal fuel consumption, our diesel generator sets are trusted by customers around the world. 

MTU Onsite Energy EDGs for nuclear power plants are based on MTU Series 956/4000 or Bergen B32:40 16V engines covering a power range between 1500 kWe and 8000 kWe.

 Discover our EDG for Nuclear Power Plants

Standby Applications

For an uninterrupted power supply in the event of grid or utility outage.

Prime Applications

For peak power applications or when continuous power is required for an extended period of time.

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