Prime Power 

Prime Power generator sets are designed for supplying electric power in lieu of commercially purchased power from a utility. These are applications like generator sets supplying power for peak demands or for temporary use on construction sites, as well as applications that are typically remote from a utility grid, such as wilderness outposts.

    Power output available with varying load Load factor is <75% for unlimited time With 10% overload capability // Outstanding fuel efficiency contributes to overall low lifecycle costs > Contact

    ISO-8528-1 limits the 24-hour average load factor to 70% of the nameplate Prime Power rating, however similar to the Standby Power rating, an individual engine manufacturer can authorize a higher 24-hour average load factor at its discretion. For example, all MTU engines in MTU Onsite Energy’s Prime Power-rated generator sets are approved for a 75% 24-hour average load factor. This higher load factor increases the 24-hour average available generator capacity by 5% over the ISO standard and can help to reduce the size or number of specified generator sets required to support a given application.

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