They stand for the foundation from which we are growing and for the potential with which we are shaping the future.

We are taking our position

MTU Onsite Energy offers more than products, services, engineering, and technology. Our power brand values provide orientation to our worldwide network of employees, customers, and partners. By taking a clear position we are offering a promise which can be measured at any time. This is the basis for a culture in which quality and performance are consistently demanded and enhanced. For us this is the driving force for maintaining our claim to leadership.

We represent:

  • Power: MTU Onsite Energy is one of the world‘s leading providers of diesel and gas systems based on diesel and gas engines. High-Performance. Global. Reliable.
  • Solutions: MTU Onsite Energy provides custom-made system solutions – from order and project management to completion of the turnkey system, from engineering to service. Flexible. Customer-Centric. Cooperative.
  • Innovation: MTU Onsite Energy is an innovative leader in intelligent and future-oriented energy systems at the highest technological level. We are setting the standards for diesel and gas engine systems. Intelligent. Open. Fascinating.
  • Sustainability: Climate-neutral, regenerative energy sources will continue to play an increasingly important role in our future. MTU Onsite Energy is taking on the responsibility for tomorrow‘s needs with innovative solutions for a better and more sustainable energy supply. Environmentally conscious. Efficient. Trustworthy.

Find more information on environmental protection, occupational health and safety issues on our corporate website Rolls-Royce Power Systems.

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