Has your system had its annual checkup?

Annual Check is a regular professional inspection of your MTU Onsite Energy diesel engine systems by MTU Onsite Energy-certified product experts, allowing you to identify and address problems early. It ensures effective preventive maintenance, helping you save on repairs or unexpected downtime, optimizing your system’s performance and longevity. MTU Onsite Energy service technicians inspect the maintenance condition and determine whether any additional maintenance or repairs are required. The process includes visual inspection; test run and leak check; on-site engine oil and coolant analysis; and diagnostic evaluation and reporting.

Our technicians will evaluate the effectiveness of your maintenance program and offer expert advice, highlighting any additional preventive maintenance or repair work that may be required. They will also provide information on product developments and options for performing updates. Annual Check contract periods are flexible, and convenient service is available worldwide from our MTU Onsite Energy service network.

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