The only parts that live up to MTU Onsite Energy standards.

To ensure your equipment is always up and running, choose  genuine replacement parts. Only MTU Onsite Energy can guarantee parts that are custom designed, tested and approved specifically for your diesel engine system. Genuine parts maximize performance, prolong the life of your equipment and meet today’s strict requirements. As the result of years of intensive research and development,  they’re based on quality audits and progressive modifications, making them the best possible match for your system.

Complete lifecycle support
You can count on parts availability and delivery for your product’s entire lifecycle—which can last for decades. We offer everything needed for a turnkey installation, including professional consulting, special tools, rental tools and spare parts kits. In addition to new spare parts, we offer a cost-effective alternative—a full line of remanufactured parts. For added peace of mind, genuine and reman parts are backed with a full factory warranty.  

High availability and fast delivery
We share your obsession with uptime. So we make sure a wide range of genuine parts are available for our full line of engines and systems. Whatever you need, wherever you are, we’ll get it to you fast through our cutting-edge Parts Logistics Centers and our global network of more than 1,200 service centers worldwide.

Professional assistance
Ordering genuine parts is easy. All parts are available from one source, which helps reduce complexity and costs in your supply chain. Experienced MTU Onsite Energy product experts provide invaluable technical support and troubleshooting to make sure you get exactly what you need. Our team will search our advanced and extensive online parts catalog— linked to factories and warehouses with high-speed connections—to identify the parts you need and promptly fulfill your request.  

MTU Parts Logistics Centers
When an MTU Onsite Energy product needs to be serviced, parts must be delivered as fast as possible to ensure that equipment—and businesses—keep going. That’s why MTU Onsite Energy has state-of-the-art Parts Logistics Centers strategically located in Europe, America and Asia. Think of MTU’s parts logistics system as one virtual warehouse with three locations and over 1,200 access points worldwide through our global distribution network. To maintain consistency and efficiency on a global scale, every Parts Logistics Center is based on the same operating model. Utilizing consistent systems and processes worldwide improves the customer experience and maximizes part availability and visibility. If the nearest Parts Logistics Center is out of a requested material, one of the other facilities can provide support, making the adjustment seamless and transparent.

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