Turn back the clock.

Remanufactured products from MTU Onsite Energy deliver the same high standards of performance, service life and quality as new ones, along with identical warranty coverage—at a fraction of the cost. And with design and model-related updates made during the remanufacturing process, they also feature similar technological advancements.

Developed by R&D engineers, the  remanufacturing process is designed to save you time and money, while benefiting the environment through the reuse of existing materials.

All remanufactured MTU Onsite Energy products are remanufactured by MTU-certified technicians at MTU Reman Centers, according to strict MTU standards. Only MTU can remanufacture MTU products to their original factory specifications.

To help you work more efficiently, a wide range of remanufactured parts, engines and systems are available worldwide from our global service network. 

Built to MTU standards
Whether replacing a single component or an entire engine or system, quality is essential. Remanufactured products are remanufactured to strict MTU standards by MTU-certified technicians at regional MTU Reman Centers. No other manufacturer can remanufacture MTU parts, engines or systems to original MTU factory specifications. Whether it’s fuel injectors, crankshafts, cylinder heads, engines or complete systems, every component undergoes a detailed remanufacturing process developed by R&D engineers.

In the  remanufacturing process, used products and assemblies are fully disassembled, cleaned and inspected, reworked and then reassembled with all genuine, new wear parts from MTU. Replacement parts are issued for components that are worn, damaged or outdated. Design and model-related updates are incorporated, making remanufactured products comparable to new products. All remanufactured engines and systems are rigorously dynamometer tested according to the same procedures used for new products in MTU assembly plants.

Simple, fast and customer friendly
The remanufacturing and inspection process is extensive and involved. But for you, it’s a timesaver. Rather than wait for your original product to be repaired or overhauled, you are supplied with a remanufactured unit. Return your original core and you will also receive a credit, depending on the core’s technical condition (core acceptance criteria). With our no-hassle core acceptance policy, we provide the total costs to replace your product upfront—preventing unplanned costs. It’s that simple.

Exchange and save
As you evaluate your long-term power needs, you must consider a variety of factors. Remanufactured products are a smart solution across the board, offering same-as-new performance at a fraction of the cost, and helping you reduce the total lifecycle cost of your equipment.

// Acquisition costs: Remanufacturing saves energy, resources and other costs associated with producing new products. These savings are passed on to you.
// Operating costs: Genuine remanufactured products are fully restored to like-new condition according to strict factory standards, resulting in reduced fuel and oil consumption compared to used products. 
// Maintenance costs: Model-related updates made during the remanufacturing process lengthen the life of every remanufactured engine. Additionally, customizing maintenance to an engine’s specific load profile further extends engine life and lowers maintenance costs. 
// Downtime: 
Remanufactured products put your equipment back to work faster compared to an overhaul, reducing downtime, service time and indirect costs such as storage. 
// Warranty exposure:  For added confidence, all remanufactured products are backed with the same warranty coverage as new products.

For a better future
Since remanufacturing is an efficient use of resources and energy, remanufactured products benefit the environment as well. By remanufacturing end-of-life products rather than discarding them, the need for raw materials and energy to produce new parts is minimized, significantly reducing waste and CO2 emissions. Often, the process can be repeated multiple times, greatly extending the lifespan of these non-renewable products.

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