Diesel Generator Set Components

MTU Onsite Energy generator set controllers are highly advanced and integrated. They can withstand almost any environment and remain flexible to meet your needs. The device provides generator set control, metering, protection, fault-alarm-status indication, event recording, system-auxiliary drive controls and programmable logic in a simple, easy-to-use, reliable, rugged and cost-effective package. Communication with the engine governor is performed via bus protocol. Our controllers also provide advanced functionality for parallel operation with utility.


 Automatic Transfer Switches



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Controller features

  • Multilingual capability
  • Battery backup for Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Wide ambient temperature range
  • System monitoring
  • Engine metering and protection
  • System measurement, protection and supervision
  • Intuitive and powerful Microsoft® Windows® based control panel communication software
  • Timer, counters
  • Remote communications
  • Remote monitoring

Control options

Several preconfigured application control setups are available in the following configurations:

  • Terminal box—Connections for external controller.
  • Single generator set without utility—Control variant for a generator set in isolated operation mode
  • Single generator set with ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) —Utility monitoring with emergency start option
  • Single generator set with electrical interlock circuit breakers—Generator set operated with two electrically interlocked breakers, controlled by the digital controller
  • Generator sets in parallel island operation—After the start signal is given, the generator sets (up to 16) start, synchronize and switch on automatically

Automatic transfer switches

With decades of power generation expertise and over a century of diesel engine experience, MTU Onsite Energy offers industry-leading dependability. To ensure that you can access all that power when it’s needed, automatic transfer switches are engineered with the same high standards.

We offer automatic transfer switches (40-3000A) designed to quickly and safely transfer critical loads from one power source to another, ensuring sustainable uptime. They’re designed for easy service and operation. Certifications include ICE, UL Listed, IBC/OSHPD and CSA Certified. 

For further information about automatic transfer switches, please contact your local MTU Onsite Energy Distributor.

Software Downloads

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