Prime Power

Diesel Generator sets from this application group are designed to operate for long periods. They are primarily used in remote locations such as oil and gas facilities, mines and on construction sites which have no access to the public grid. Prime Power generator sets are also used when the amount of power that can be drawn from the grid is limited. 

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    Prime Power

    • Main usage: remote locations, construction sites, events
    • Power range:
      60 Hz: 27 - 2800 kWe
      50 Hz: 30 – 3100 kVA
    • Operating hours per year: unlimited
    • Load factor: ≤ 75%
    • 10% overload capability 

    Peak Power¹

    • Main usage: peak shaving, grid and capacity programs
    • Power range:
      2000: 1000 – 3100 kVA
    • Operating hours per year: up to 1000 h with 500h at 100% load
    • Load factor: ≤ 100%
    • 10% overload capability

    ¹ only available for 50 Hz markets

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