Data Center Continuous Power 

Data centers need to ensure utmost reliability 365 days a year to avoid risking data loss and dissatisfied customers, resulting in lost business. MTU Onsite Energy provides highly reliable diesel generator sets with an industry-leading average load factor to assure power supply. Trusted by data centers all over the world, including seven of the top 10 online companies, MTU Onsite Energy provides reliable power.

MTU Onsite Energy delivers high operational availability to keep data centers up-and-running and prevent data loss and financial harm.

    Used in data centers as emergency standby units for the duration of an emergency outage Average load factor is <100% 10% overload capability Engineered for maximum reliability, high load acceptance and quick response to secure operations > Contact

    Data Center Continuous Power rating is specially developed to meet the strict Tier III & IV requirements of the Uptime Institute. 

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