Standardized Backup

Gensets from this application group are used wherever power outages put lives at risk, result in economic loss or where an emergency power supply is required by law: in the  healthcare sector, at  airports, in  industrial facilities,  data centers or  power plants.   
The aim is to maintain power supply in the event of a mains failure by using a standby genset. 

To provide optimum solutions for the varying requirements, MTU Onsite Energy differentiates between various types of emergency gensets. All of them exceed the specifications required by the applicable ISO rule.

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    Standardized Backup

    • Main usage: residential areas, Industrial & Manufacturing, Airports
    • Power range:
      60 Hz: 30 – 3250 kWe
      50 Hz: 33 – 4000 kVA 
    • Operating hours per year: 500
    • Load factor: ≤85%
    • No overload capability

    Prime Power for Stationary Emergency¹

    • Main usage: residential areas, Industrial & Manufacturing, Healthcare & Hospitals, Airports
    • Power range:
      50 Hz: 1000 – 3630 kVA 
    • Operating hours per year: 500
    • Load factor: ≤85%
    • 10% overload 

    Data Center Continuous Power

    • Main usage: Data Centers 
    • Power range:
      60 Hz: 1135 – 2800 kWe
      50 Hz: 1000 – 3100 kVA
    • Uptime compliant: Tier III and Tier IV 
    • Operating hours per year: unlimited²
    • Load factor: ≤ 100%

    Standby Power for Nuclear Power Plants

    • In line with all relevant quality standards
    • Power range
      50 Hz: 1500 – 8000 kWe
    • Start-up time 10 sec.

    ¹ only available for 50 Hz markets
    ² Unlimited hours in Data Center application where a reliable utility is present

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