Standardized Backup 

Standardized Backup is one of the most commonly applied ratings and represents the maximum amount of power that a generator set is capable of delivering. A Standardized Backup generator may be required for residential areas, medical and life support equipment in hospitals or to meet regulations for critical safety systems in public buildings, airports or manufacturing plants. It is normally used to supply emergency power in the event of utility outage and for the duration of the outage until utility power is restored.

    Power output available with varying load for the duration of an emergency outage Average load factor is <85% No overload capability Engineered for maximum reliability, high load acceptance and quick response to secure operations at low investment costs > Contact

    Standardized Backup generator sets exceed the specifications required by ISO 8528-1 (ESP) that limits the annual operation hours to 200 at a load factor of less or equal to 70%. MTU Onsite Energy generator sets may run up to 500 hours with an average load factor of 85%. 

    Because the Standardized Backup rating is the maximum amount of power that the generator set is capable of delivering, no overload capacity is available for this rating.

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