Energy Storage

For reliable power when and where you need it, the MTU EnergyPack is a valuable resource. Think of it as a big battery bank,—and yet it’s so much more. Packed with the latest technology, built to withstand harsh environments and housed in a 40-foot steel container, it stores electricity from any source – grid power or local output from solar panels, wind turbines or gensets – ready to deliver at the flick of a switch. Whether you need a fully autonomous off-grid facility or simply want to manage your power supplies more efficiently – engaging in peak shaving, load-shifting or grid stabilization – the MTU EnergyPack is a scalable, plug-and-play solution that provides power you can depend on. Anytime. Anywhere.

Compact, complete, flexible and autonomous power storage solution.

Black start capability

The storage container can be used as a black start unit thanks to its grid-mimicking capabilities.

Scalable in Size

Storage capacity can be adapted easily to individual power storage requirements.

Ultra-fast response

By bringing power on-stream immediately, the MTU EnergyPack provides essential fast response capability for power quality, black starts, frequency response and backup applications.

Flexible in use

The MTU EnergyPack answers a multitude of needs: storage of wind and solar power in microgrids, a UPS system, balancing peak loads, positive and negative control power, and many more.

Seamless integration with existing power plants

The system can be integrated with existing power plants, making it easy to expand capacity.

Plug-and-play Design

The highly mobile, fully integrated plug-and-play design ensures fast, easy installation, reducing setup times and costs. Power is available more quickly and at a lower cost.

Comprehensive safety features

A multilevel safety concept monitors the batteries, fire alarm and extinguishing system.

Digitally connected

The MTU EnergyPack is equipped with a data logger providing access to digital solutions from MTU, including remote monitoring, fast and reliable service support and – coming soon – further features like predictive failure prevention and operational optimization.

Highest power density

Thanks to its extremely compact battery system design and small housing footprint, the MTU EnergyPack is the ideal solution for projects with logistical restrictions and limited space.

Grid stabilization

The MTU EnergyPack is able to provide grid support services and can autonomously form a grid, enabling customers to operate independently during grid outages.

Off-grid applications

Using battery storage in applications with little or no access to the public grid reduces energy costs. Lower fuel consumption and minimal maintenance requirements reduce overall operating costs while cutting exhaust and noise emissions and ensuring the availability of reserve power.

Stand-Alone Facilities (e.g. Hotels and Resorts)

Allows the integration of renewables (solar and wind) into a stand-alone grid, cutting costs and ensuring clean, reliable, quiet power all year. MTU offers you the most suitable and economical solution for your needs.

Remote Locations (e.g. Mines)

Easy to install and maintain, the MTU EnergyPack ensures year-round frequency and voltage stability, a guaranteed power supply, and the availability of backup power when it’s needed.

High-Security Installations

This easy-to-install solution is especially suitable for high-security installations that are not connected to the public grid and/or require independent power supplies for special needs.

On-Grid Applications

By adding battery storage to applications with unlimited grid access, grid operators can save costs and improve power management at the same time. Battery banks permit optimum load management (peak shaving and load shifting) and enable operators to participate in the power balancing market (MTU equipment has the necessary certifications).

Industrial & Manufacturing

Clear benefits for businesses with high energy demands, including: independent power supply, the elimination of grid charges, a green image and emergency power supply.

Residential & Utilities

The MTU EnergyPack is a cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and reliable source of power for residential buildings or entire districts.

Grid Stabilization

Batteries respond to frequency changes within milliseconds, feeding power when frequency drops, and absorbing power from the grid as soon as frequency rises.


A growing numbers of electric vehicles need charging quickly without straining the grid. Battery charging stations can use green electricity from local, renewable resources.

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