650 kWe

Standby Power - 60 Hz - MTU 12V0265 GS650

  • Engine
    PSI HD; EPA Certified
    4 Pole, Rotating Field; 1 Bearing, Sealed; 2/3 Pitch Windings
    Unit Mounted 50 °C
    Air filtration
    Single Stage Air Cleaners
    Fuel system
    Natural Gas; EPA Certified Electrically Controlled System
    Monitoring & Controls
    Generator Set Control, Metering, Protection, Fault-Alarm Status Indication, Event Recording
    2-Year Standard
  • System type:
    Ratings: kW (kVA)
    650 (813)
    Frequency: Hz
    Exhaust optimization:
    EPA certificate:
    EPA Certified
    UL 2200 Listed, CSA Certified
    Max Power at Rated RPM: kWm (BHP)
    720 (966)
    Engine model:
    31.8L CAC
    PSI HD
    Fuel Type:
    Natural gas
    Charge Air Cooling:
    Charge Air Cooling
    Cylinder arrangement:
    V-type engine
    Number of cylinders:
    • Designed and manufactured in facilities certified to standards ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004
    • Verified product design, quality and performance integrity
    • Cutting-edge emissions control
    • Best-in-class reliability and availability
    • Optimized maintenance intervals
    • Advanced monitoring & communications
    • Accepts Rated Load in One Step Per NFPA 110
    • Compliant with industry codes & standards

For more information on emissions, please contact your  local distributor.

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