Gas engine with up to 44,3% electrical efficiency
Ignition systems for individual cylinders allow for the most efficient level of operation for all cylinders, even with variable CH4 content. The ignition voltage display gives customers information about the state of the spark plugs.
The well proven design perfectly suits the genset and provides the basis for optimized auxiliary efficiencies. The unit is fully integrated in the automation concept and is safe and certified (CE).
Optimally tailored to the engine and made by renowned manufacturers, the generator ensures a high level of reliability with the best degree of efficiency.
Motor interface panel (MIP) with stand-alone MTU Module Control (MMC). The MMC provides all the functions necessary for controlling the system. All the auxiliary drives required for the CHP system can be operated from here. The integrated power circuitry minimizes the customer’s need for cabling on site.
Cylinder-specific knock detection and regulation protect the engine from abnormal operating conditions, and guarantee safe operation even with natural gas containing low levels of methane.

The natural gas power genset is based on the successful 4000 series with a power range 776 to 2.530, and has been optimized for hot and humid environment conditions. Optimized features, high flexibility, and intelligently coordinated components set new standards for power and performance. 

  • Power increase by 30% (from 100kW/cyl to 130kW/cyl) 
  • Fast start capability from 0 to full load in less than 120s 
  • High electrical efficiency: up to 44,3 % 
  • Reduced life cycle cost, e.g. cylinder head achieving TBO lifetime 
  • Part load performance down to 30% 
  • Robust construction for optimum durability through entire life cycle 
  • Very low lube oil consumption (0,15g/kWh) 
  • Best in class power density 
  • Designed for hot and humid conditions 
  • For grid stabilization and peak shaving applications as well as hybrid solutions, such as e.g. microgrids. 
  • 400 to 11kV: Broad range of low and medium voltages provided by generators from leading manufacturers. 
  • Easy containerization 

    • Power Containers generate only electrical energy 
    • Combined heat and power units (CHP) generate electrical and thermal energy

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