Driving excellence forward:
The new natural gas-powered Series 4000.

Worldwide demand for decentralized energy is increasing, and with it also the demand for extremely efficient generator sets and modules for independent power and heat supply. The new generation of our natural gas-powered MTU Series 4000, with an electrical output range from 1,000 kW to 2,500 kW, meets these increased demands, while also setting the standard with maximum performance, efficiency and low emissions ratings.

Designed for maximum performance:

  • Significant increase in the effective engine power to 130 kW/cylinder
  • Downsizing effects by the achieved power increase
  • High power density combined with compact construction by significant average pressure increase

More efficient than ever before:

  • Significant increase in the electrical efficiency to a peak value of up to 44.3%, delivering a significant improvement in the fuel conversion rate with a high temperature level
  • Long service life and maximum availability by optimum harmonization of all components
  • Low maintenance costs because of long service intervals as well as low-maintenance components that are easy to service
  • Lower lifecycle costs
  • Fast availability of spare parts

Cleaner than ever before:

  • Significant reduction in nitrous oxide emissions (NOx) by optimizing relevant engine components

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