Power Modules

  • 1. Access doors
    Fully removable full-size access doors, on both sides provide easy access to the generator set components.
    2. Control Panel
    Provides generator set control, metering, protection, fault alarm, event recording, system-auxiliary drive controls and programmable logic in a simple, easy to use reliable, rugged and cost effective package.
    3. Fuel Supply
    Exterior connection points allow for easy fuel supply access.
    4. Oil charge port
    Exterior connection point for easy oil drain access.
    5. Engine
    MTU engines are manufactured for power generation with low fuel consumption and optimized maintenance intervals.
    6. Radiator room
    Seperated radiator room for split core radiator with vertical discharge.
    7. Container
    ISO standard 40-foot high cube container for ease of installation on site (CSC certified).
    8. Customer connections
    Lockable access panel door for cable and communication connections on back side of container.
    9. Exhaust silencers
    Stores in radiator compartment during transportation.


Mobile and Stationary Power Modules provide unique flexibility wherever power is needed. From construction site, a single factory or an entire community, power modules are an ideal solution. 

Contact your local MTU Onsite Energy distributor for readily available Power Modules.

Diesel Power Modules

For North and Latin America

Product Power output (kWe)
50 Hz 60 Hz
MTU 16V4000 DS1955 1,500 – 1,900 1,760 - 2,160

For Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia

Product Power output (kVA)
50 Hz 60 Hz
MTU 16V4000 DS2560 1,914 – 2,560 2,259 – 2,901

Gas Power Modules

Power Application - 50/60 Hz

Product Power Output (kWe)
50 Hz 60 Hz
MTU 16V4000 GS 1,538 - 2,030
MTU 12V4000 GS 1,151 - 1,272

CHP Application - 50/60 Hz

Product Power output (kWe)
50 Hz 60 Hz
MTU 6R400 GS 116 - 220 116 - 200
MTU 12V400 GS 227 - 420 234 - 420
MTU 8V4000 GS 762 - 800
MTU 12V4000 GS 1,151 - 1,169
MTU 16V4000 GS 1,534 - 1,562
MTU 20V4000 GS 1,924 - 2,535
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