Commercial & Public Buildings 

Many buildings and building complexes have a high demand for heat and power. Schools, universities, sports facilities, office facilities, shopping malls, cinema complexes and theaters often generate heat and obtain power from the public grid separately.

MTU Onsite Energy offers a significantly more economical alternative. Our gas-powered cogeneration systems provide a flexible combination of heat and power (CHP) from a single source. Using proven technology, our systems provide up to 40% reductions in primary energy usage, and feature reduced emissions and low lifecycle costs. Using an absorption chiller, the CHP system can transfer heat into ambient cooling, which can then, for example, provide air conditioning to an office complex throughout the entire year.

MTU Onsite Energy also offers reliable systems for backup power. Our diesel generator sets cover a complete power range, featuring an industry-leading average load factor, reliability and availability. Like all MTU Onsite Energy systems, they’re trusted all over the world to provide reliable power when it is needed the most.

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