Data Centers 

Data centers need 100% reliability 365 days a year—or they risk data loss and dissatisfied customers, resulting in lost business. MTU Onsite Energy provides highly reliable diesel generator sets with an industry-leading average load factor to assure power supply. We also offer gas-powered trigeneration systems for combined power, heat and cooling. Trusted by data centers all over the world, including seven of the top 10 online companies, MTU Onsite Energy provides reliable power. And peace of mind.

Our diesel generator sets cover a complete power range, featuring industry-leading reliability and availability. MTU generator-drive diesel engines are designed with more cylinder displacement per rated horsepower than alternative products. Our approach results in lower engine stress, reducing maintenance and lengthening engine life. Since MTU Onsite Energy generator sets can handle 15 percent higher average loads, our customers may be able to specify fewer generator sets for data-center applications, depending on the size of the installation.

Our combined heat and power (CHP) systems are another efficient solution. Fueled mostly from natural gas, they provide a reliable, flexible and continuous power supply along with an additional source of cooling. Using an absorption chiller, the CHP system can transfer heat into ambient cooling to reduce heat produced by servers and save air conditioning costs.

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