From Planning & Development to Installation & Maintenance. Complete Standby Power Solutions.

All data centers have complex energy needs and time to market is crucial. That’s why our staff are focused on designing modular and scalable solutions and custom-fitting these to your needs. This way, we can deliver sophisticated power solutions and realize a fast build whatever the circumstances. Thousands of MTU Onsite Energy genset installations provide peace of mind all around the world.

Delivering complete power solutions

MTU Onsite Energy supplies all the expertise, equipment and services needed for complete integration of emergency standby power solutions and gas-powered co- and trigeneration solutions for continuous energy supply.

Our complete solutions cover the entire service life of your system: from consulting, development of power designs and genset sizing through installation and integration to long term service agreements and remanufacturing.

& PLANNING – Customized fit

Every data center is unique. We rigorously analyze the demands of your business, the applicable codes and standards, and the local conditions and requirements. That allows us to design the optimal solution and prevent any future problems.

& DEVELOPMENT – On-time results

Decades of experience help us guarantee on-time development and delivery of your power solution. Advanced project management safeguards the project schedule and brings added value to our customers.

& INSTALLATION – Dependable performance

Optimal operation is ensured by the expert installation of our generators at your data center. Installation includes integration into the whole power system, software implementation, superior controls, emergency simulation, test runs and on-site training of your staff.

& MAINTENANCE – 24/7 continuity

Comprehensive system monitoring and on-site service for all components is available around the clock. It is conducted by experienced technicians with an expert knowledge of regional standards and certifications.

Data center power

MTU Onsite Energy has received an order to supply a total of 23 emergency generators with an aggregate rating of 57 MW for a data centre in Amsterdam. The gensets will all be based on the 20-cylinder Series 4000 engine, each producing 2,480 kW of electricity. In an emergency, they can be run constantly for up to 48 hours. The data centre is operated by US company EdgeConneX, which already uses 80 MTU gensets for its standby power requirements at its data centres in the US.

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The diesel gensets are being supplied complete with a 30,000 litre fuel tank and will be installed in containers in order to meet noise control requirements. MTU's Series 4000 engines produce their full electrical output within 15 seconds of start-up, thereby meeting the customer's stringent project requirements. The gensets are to safeguard standby power requirements for 15 to 20 years.

Matthias Vogel, Vice-President Power Generation at Rolls-Royce Power Systems, said: “MTU Onsite Energy gensets are currently safeguarding critical standby power requirements in a great many data centres across the world. This order from EdgeConneX is enabling us to take a further step in growing our market share of major data centres in Europe.”

For data centres, especially, high safety and quality requirements, as well as superb deadline credentials, are key essentials. Chuck Bongiovanni, Vice President Logistics and Procurement at EdgeConneX said: “We're delighted to have found, in Rolls-Royce, a global partner whose excellent service network means we can rely on them outside of the US as well. We've already been convinced of the quality of MTU's project management and genset performance in our other projects.” In the US, EdgeConneX data centres have around 80 MTU Onsite Energy gensets currently in service. The Amsterdam project will be the first joint data centre outside the US.


Located between the Indian Ocean and the green hills of Mount Lofty Range, Adelaide is home to about 1.3 million Australians. Every single one of them uses online services or telecommunication technologies which produce an enormous amount of data traffic every day. YourDC is an Adelaide-based data centre provider that makes it possible for the people of Adelaide to access this high amount of data every day. YourDC owns two data centres in Adelaide, including their flagship centre, the DC1 Edinburgh Parks data centre.

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DC1 Edinburgh Parks is a state-of-the-art data centre with 800 server racks, making it the largest data centre in South Australia. Officially opened in May 2016, the centre has a capacity of 8 MW, floor space of 6,000 square metres and is YourDC’s second facility. Furthermore, it is Australia’s first TIA-942 rated 3 certified data centre, a globally accepted standard for building and operating data centres accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Emergency backup power for largest data centre in South Australia - MTU Onsite Energy supplied two 16V2000DS1250 generator sets as emergency backup power solution in the Edinburgh Parks data centre.

MTU Onsite Energy is proud to have supplied two 16V2000DS1250 generator sets as an emergency backup power solution in the DC1 Edinburgh Parks data centre. These generator sets are now serviced by long-standing local MTU partner, Penske Power Systems.

Power for the facility is supplied by four 2MW full-load capacity transformers through two separate substations. However, natural disasters or system failures can cause power outages. In the case of an outage, the uninterrupted power supply will go online initially, prior to the MTU Onsite Energy generator sets starting up. The time delay between a loss of mains power and the generators resuming power supply to the centre could be as little as 10 seconds, which means that the uninterrupted power supply can be designed with less capacity. The generator sets consume diesel which is supplied by a tank directly on-site. The tank holds enough fuel for five days of emergency operation.

As the DC1 Edinburgh Parks data centre is TIA-942 rated 3 certified, power supply is subject to the highest standards. In addition to server protection against physical events, redundant capacity components are also required as well as multiple independent distribution paths serving computer equipment.

As YourDC takes serious consideration ons the security of their data centres, it is evident why our MTU Onsite Energy generator sets are their first choice. MTU Onsite Energy is well-known for its reliable, high-end quality products. The 16V2000DS1250 generator set combines exceptional high load factor capabilities with low maintenance requirements yielding low lifecycle costs. Furthermore, the generator sets are designed to run in the Australian climate which means that they are capable of running in ambient air temperatures up to 50⁰C.

There are several reasons why YourDC selected MTU Onsite Energy generator sets as their emergency power backup solution. Firstly, there are the unique technical features such as a reliable engine which is able to serve 100% of the load requirement in less than 10 seconds and a compact packaging design allowing more space for server racks. Also, MTU Onsite Energy has a very strong local partnership with Penske Power Systems which has an excellent service network around Australia. As Penske Power Systems houses its own stock levels of MTU Onsite Energy generator sets, it is able to deliver generator sets within a very short time. This was a critical success factor in this project as YourDC required a delivery time of only 12 weeks. Additionally, Penske Power Systems stocks spare parts and employs qualified service personnel to ensure fast and high quality customer support.

Through innovative companies like YourDC, Adelaide has become the technological hub of South Australia, connecting its 1.3 million people all around the globe. MTU Onsite Energy generator sets ensure that the 1.3 million people in Adelaide are connected at all times, 365 days a year, and even when the public electricity grid supply fails.

Emergency Power for Chinese Data Center

At the end of October 2017, Tianjin Pauway Power Equipment Co., Ltd commissioned an emergency power supply system consisting of ten 20-cylinder MTU Series 4000 engines for a new data centre operated by Internet Service Provider Sinnet in the eastern district of Beijing. The emergency gensets are designed to ensure that Sinnet‘s data will not stop flowing even in the event of power failure. They ensure continuous power supply within seconds after such an event. 

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Andreas Görtz, Head of Power Generation Business at Rolls-Royce Power Systems, said: “Rolls-Royce Power Systems is one of the few suppliers worldwide, whose expertise and product quality in emergency diesel engines has made it one of the preferred partners for operators of large and system critical data centres”. 

This is also the case for the Chinese Internet Service Provider Sinnet: the company operates a total of eight data centres at the highest technical level. The most recent of them, which is located in a large industrial area in East Beijing, is expected to begin operations end of 2017. The company has 1,220 server cabinets on an area of over 11,000 square metres, which have to be protected in the event of power failure.
High availability prevents expensive data loss 
To this end, Rolls-Royce has supplied ten 20V 4000 MTU engines for emergency diesel gensets, each with an electrical output of 2,000 kW. The gensets are installed at a height of 33 metres on the roof of the data centre in Beijing. They are supplied with diesel stored in eight underground tanks, which places high demands on the fuel supply system.

Including the new location in Beijing, this will now be the fourth time Sinnet has equipped one of its data centres with emergency diesel gensets from Pauway, powered by MTU engines. 

Hao Liu, President at Pauway, said: “For us, the high availability and reliability are the most decisive factors for choosing MTU engines. Our customers depend on us ensuring that the data flow is maintained at all times – even a power outage must not lead to any disruption or impairment of our service whatsoever.” The ten engines were delivered to Beijing in August. 

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