Where some only see waste, we see opportunity. A properly monitored landfill site can serve as an efficient source of gas energy. This energy can be derived from a process that’s already in place at every site. To meet environmental standards, landfill sites must capture and remove gas produced by the anaerobic decomposition of organic matter. This process provides a virtually free source of energy that can be utilized to generate electricity using MTU Onsite Energy cogeneration systems.

MTU Onsite Energy gas engine generator sets offer tremendous efficiency, cost savings and environmental benefits. In addition to generating electricity, our systems can reduce the odor nuisance and fire and explosion hazards. It eliminates the threat of gas migration and enables landfill sites to be re-cultivated quickly.

A single energy source makes a plant fully independent. Its energy supply is guaranteed in a remote location or if local grids are unreliable. MTU Onsite Energy gas engine systems are portable containerized units, offering the flexibility to relocate the system and tap into new sources of gas. And for landfill sites in Europe, the electricity can be sold for use in the public grid.

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