Emergency diesel generators for nuclear power plants  

Emergency diesel generators are started when the NPP unit is disconnected from the grid. Emergency diesel generators safeguard the power supply to vital consumers such as the reactor cooling system so that a controlled reactor shutdown can be guaranteed.  

MTU Onsite Energy has been supplying emergency diesel generators (EDGs) for nuclear power plants for more than 50 years. With over 300 systems supplied worldwide, we have gained a wealth of experience and expertise – and a reputation for products that deliver outstanding reliability and performance.

Every customer and every project is different. That’s why MTU Onsite Energy has developed a major NPP-based engineering section with some 100 specialists capable of handling every aspect of project-specific NPP requirements.

It goes without saying that all EDG projects are organized and implemented in line with NPP-related quality standards such as IAEA 50-C-QA and KTA 1401. Our EDGs are safety-classified to meet the strictest regulations in the nuclear power industry, with qualifications in line with IEEE 387 and KTA 3702, for example. In addition, our NPP-specific digital engine controller, SafeDEC, is qualified to comply with IEC 60880 standards, for which it was developed.

Scope of supply

 MTU Onsite Energy EDGs for nuclear power plants are based on MTU Series 956/4000 engines covering a power range between 1500 kWe and 6300 kWe as well as the  Bergen 32:40 with 8000 kWe.

The basic scope of supply includes the diesel generator set and air starting system, plus the supervision of installation and commissioning. Depending on project requirements, MTU Onsite Energy also works with partners to provide additional mechanical systems and a safety-classified instrumentation and control (I&C) system. Pipework materials and engineering, as well as installation and commissioning, are usually handled by specialist local companies or directly by the customer.

Why choose MTU Onsite Energy EDGs?

MTU Onsite Energy EDGs combine the shortest start-up time in the NPP sector – just ten seconds – with a load-acceptance capability of 50% for the first load step. And, with the smallest footprint in the industry, they can be integrated into any existing diesel engine facility suitable for the power range.

Whether you’re planning a new build or a modernization project, our combination of outstanding technology, over half a century of proven reliability and the expertise of our specialist NPP engineering staff mean that MTU Onsite Energy is a partner you can rely on.

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